Fortnite listing spam

For the last 2 weeks I haven’t made much in sales and this week I did make sales but not on my usual items. So I go take a look and start searching my popular items (Grave digger, buzzcut, jack o lanterns, to name a few). It is particularly noticeable on the Grave diggers. Many of these appear to be new sellers with under 100 feedback score at that.

If you just put in grave diggers and go browsing you will see some sellers posting 10, 15, 20 even upwards to 30 listings of grave diggers for the exact same quantity and price for all of them.

Is this allowed?

Please post the profile URL of the users you think are spamming so we can see their listings. <-- doing it with keys

That’s just a few I found. There’s tons of pages just for just grave diggers alone.

Does that help @galacticarm ?

Fortnite seller” has hundreds of same listings while the others only have dozens. You should report that user for spamming. If you want moderator action then ping

@DunnBiscuit could you take a look at this? Is this considered spam?

I would hate to have to report another seller for just trying to do business but this is directly affecting my business and while I try to diversify what I sell, I am still not coming out ahead as I was prior to this mess.

Some advice on how to deal with this would be nice.

Edit: I should also add that the most frustrating thing about this is I have a higher feedback rating than the others who are selling and yet their items are being listed above my own despite being the same price. Furthermore, they are spamming the listings pushing my items further down the search results.

Can you please send me via PM evidences about these spammings so I can look into this further?