Selling items on Fortnite is getting incredibly frustrating because of ONE person who keeps spam posting.

I have reported this person before, and weeks later he continues to spam listings on the Grave Digger category on fortnite relentlessly.

To give some context Grave Diggers are one of the biggest sellers on Fortnite. And this person keep clogging the entire page all day, every day.

Is this allowed? Cause if so I guess i’ll have to start doing the same.

Listings in question:

I have over 1300 score, and i mostly sell those guns, and this has gotten incredibly frustrating.

His shop profile page:

@DunnBiscuit warned him the other day. Seems like he doesn’t want to stop spamming and abusing relevancy.

Hello! Can you send me via PM more evidence of his spams so I can ivnestigate and take action if necessary?


You do it too


Flaming, its normal to have a couple bundles up on each platform per gun. Almost all sellers have at least that. The seller OP is talking about has 100’s of listings for a single gun at all times.


I do 1 listing per SKU, I told you about that when you inquired to me on a coment, do you even know what an SKU is?

For every gun I have I list three different bundles, with different pricings. 5$, 10$ and 20$. The price per item gets better the bigger the bundle is. I also list every bundle on each of the three different plataforms, PS4, xbox and PC. So that makes a total of 9 listings per gun.

However unlike the seller I am complaining about, whenever i list new items I delete old listings, unlike him I post twice a day while he keeps spamming throughout the entire evening.

Now, mortimer (blackshop) has quieted down ever since the dupe glitch where other stores unlike have been selling duped items. So he is not being problematic at this point in time. But i think that will change once the economy on STW stabilizes again

Tl;dr: I do 9 SKUs per gun while mortimer spams 10-20 listings for a single SKU, and he keeps spamming it.

K sry
Now how tf do u do it so fast