game flagged as fraud after purchase

I bought a game on gameflip and it downloaded and even played for a bit so I hit okay on the end transaction but today I went to play and it told me my purchase was canceled so I contacted Microsoft support and they said that it was flagged as fraud and they told me to contact gameflip. Is there any way to help me with this or because the transaction was finalized I’m beat for a game?

Hi there, may I know from who and what have you purchased

Okay, please share us the link of that seller. That’s for our safety and preventing new scams.

Open a ticket on this link.
How to find your Invite Code click here

Send all evidence, all screenshots, transaction ID, the chat with Microsoft agent to Gameflip.
Report that seller and wait for reply from Support.

And getting your game revoked is a bit frustrating, don’t panic everything can be solved.


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Red dead redemption 2 from sikso.