Gameflip help asking for Credit Card and drivers photos?

So today I got my second order put under review (even though the same payment method was used). But unlike the first time, I was also asked to provide pictures of the front of my driving license and credit card, as well as the back of them both. Is this legit and/or safe? I only ask because no vendor has ever asked me to do this before, it just seems odd

If someone messaged you that wasn’t the gameflip staff asking for that information DO NOT GIVE IT TO THEM.

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Yes, but the email was from gameflip, it was the same thread of emails used
in the last order. It’s just that pics of a credit card for verification is
a bit strange, never seen it before

I have never been asked that. It’s up to you if you wanna give the information since I have nevr been asked before.

Hey @sora if we find any anomalies with your payment method/purchase, we will reach out to you asking about for this information. This is for your protection and to verify that you are the payment owner. You can also read more information about this in our FAQs here:

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Good for you for double checking to see the validity of the request though :slight_smile: