Whats it's about with all the photo sending?

Why do you have to send pictures of everything of your private life… like wth i just wanted to buy something here lol

Gameflip asked me to send them: Drivers License, ID Card from both sides, Phone Bill with my actual number on it and last but not least a photo of myself with “i want to buy this for blabla” with my ID Card next to my face.
Are they serious??

It’s like when you buy something in a store with a credit card, and the cashier asks to see your driver license to make sure you own the card and are not committing a fraud. Or when you’re buying alcohol, they want to check that you’re old enough :slight_smile:

They also want to make sure your identity is protected and that there is no identity theft happening. I know it sucks and im glad i never ran into that problem. But its just a safety step they have to take to ensure a safe and secure Buying/ selling experience for everyone.