Document verification ID and or phone

It is showing both identify and phone bill. Do I have to do both or will just the phone bill suffice?

U need to verify ID , they may ask u to verify and mobile phone too . After u verify ID u will get Verification Badge witch is cool i guess :smiley:

Well no way in hell are they getting a copy of my ID. I don’t care what scammers they have dealt with. I’m not selling. I am trying to buy something for 87 bucks. Sell it to me or don’t I really don’t care. This is too much hassle for a damn xbox live gift card. The business model is definitely flawed. I have never had to do anything remotely like this for a sub $5000 purchase before let alone less than $100 purchase.

So update they want my ID and phone bill. For anyone considering a purchase there at this site DO NOT spend you money here. They want multiple items from you after they get you money. I will be blasting this site on my YouTube Facebook and twitter page. Do not do business with Gameflip. All for a purchase for $87 bucks. Jesus

I’m actually backing Gameflip. It’s a good site, and not many others like it, a place for professional and casual people to buy and sell, you are just angry as you have lost your money. Yes, they should note before you buy to be verified, but it’s to stop spammers and scammers. It’s a genuine site with genuine people.

A genuine site that has no listed address on this website or
Listed company or headquarters within All they have is a P.O. Box in Seattle. That just screams no accountability and they are free to do whatever they want.

And I would understand all that verification if I were SELLING something. I don’t care about selling. Just here to buy. When is the last time Walmart asked for your ID when making a purchase?

I don’t use Walmart :smiley: Normally an address is the HQ, the obviously don’t have a HQ, this is a digital business of course.

Nah I’m good I’ll stay here. Best site to buy games/cards from on the internet. Their system is very safe and I’m glad it is setup this way to help keep the scammers out. :sunglasses::v: