I feel like Gameflip is using the old bait and switch

So I just found out about this site. No problems sounds too good to be true. A xbox live 100usd gift card for 87 and some Change. Ok cool. I purchase using Apple Pay a more secure method than Paypal. Now all of sudden you have my money and now it’s we have to verify you. WTH?! These things should have been told to my up front. Why not disclose before purchase you will need to be verified? Now you can keep my money making money on it for a few days while I may or may not wait. I may call my card company and dispute this as fraud. I am mad as hell. I submitted a phone bill because there is no way in the world you are getting my ID. I can purchase multi thousands worth of stuff on eBay amazon or just about anywhere else but for a measly 87 I have to wait? Something isn’t right here. Seems like a ploy to hold my money. It says instant delivery and that is a lie. This company should be upfront about holds or other information they may need.

Good things are a long time coming. It’s only the first time next time everything will go smoothly

I guess my point is why did my transaction flag? Apple Pay is arguably the most secured form of payment available. I had to verify all my cards through the card issuer before they can be used. Several steps more than is necessary and that isn’t good enough for this place? 1 single purchase shouldn’t flag. I understand if it was 100 of the gift cards. Then I get it. But there is no reason for a wait at this time. Other than to be difficult. And now that I am looking the reviews are not that good for this website and that customer service is horrendous. They have a day. That’s it. I was trying to save some cash for modern warfare but it’s out in less than 2 days. So if it’s not done soon then I’ll just get my money back and never recommend this site.

And now that I am looking at it do they want both my ID and my phone bill or is it one or the other?

I understand your concern. But u are new here and u don’t know what happened in history of Gmfp , a lot of scammers were and this was only way to protect buyers and sellers . Once u are verified u can buy how much u want and u will see for few months your profit using gameflip instead of any another site :slight_smile: Sorry for bad english:sweat_smile:

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