Gameflip warned me for not sending but the buyer was the wrong!!!!

Need help i got this message from gameflip for not sending a Pet from a buyer but the buyer didnt respond to me was spamming her to respond so that she can receive her item, she even requested to changed his pet Huge lucky cat to Huge Floppa and now i got this warning

This was our conversation before it got cancelled.

Just want to know why i got this when the buyer was one who should be blamed.

To be in short its False warning

great she just blocked me XD

I just dont get it what i did wrong.
please remove the warning that i receive
@DarkKnight @Sparkling_Juice

I’m just a normal buyer/seller, nothing I can do sorry.
You probably need to provide order ID to DarkKnight though.
You can also contact Support too.

Is this the message sellers get when buyer cancel? I’m not sure. If it is, then it’s just the standard text that everyone gets. You can contact Support to ask and clarify it.

What I do when buyers don’t reply is usually cancel the order before they can cancel.
(Only if they don’t reply for like 1 day 10 hours if delivery time is 1 day because grace period 12 hours)

Alright will do the 2nd one you said. Ill note that when past 10 hours ill cancel the transaction or either the buyer wont respond within 1 day. Thank you will also contact gameflip as well.