Had a order cancelled and havent received a refund for it.

Thanks for reading, a day ago I had an order cancelled and was supposed to recieve a refund but havent received it still. I checked my bank statement and it said the transaction was pending but not its showing as a settled transaction and I still havent received it. Any way to go about this would be higly appreciated!

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it’s will take more than 1 day it’s more about 1-2 weeks,

@baaziz0yassine have you ever been through this process? If so can you please inform me how it works?

no i don’t bc as seller here i always have fund here so after it’s canceled it’s back instantly but i got a customer who ask me cancel his order then ever few days he keep asking me why his money wasn’t back as i tell him it’s will take 1-2 weeks so as he keep asking me he tell me he did finally got it back after it’s was 2 weeks.

Ohhh ok I understand. Thank you for the reply

no problem anytime if u have anymore questions im here to help

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Awsome! I havent gone through this process so I’m still uncertain on how it works. I called my bank and was told that if theres a timeline to wait as stated to try to wait till then and after that time to contact them for a dispute on the transaction.

just wait for week or 2 then contact support here or make ticking and contact them trow mail as if u dispute it trow ur bank they ban ur account here for that but as it’s was canceled mostly just few days but contact the support vi email