Has anyone encountered such people and how did you Deal with it?


After the new seller got around 50 reviews ^^^, starts to comment similar comments on my listings.

Main point is to say my listings won’t sell but it does sell which is the funny part. It does feel insulting since I sold a lot throughout 2 years in Gameflip and this is like the 20th+ time someone wrote such comments. Everytime it happened, it also happens to be a new seller on Gameflip selling similar items as me.

There’s lots of other people selling the same listing for a slightly lower/higher price than mine too and it’s just funny how he only comments on my listing. Maybe because I have a decent amount of ratings so more people will see the comment and check his profile for his listings.

When I asked him why he was doing that in his listing, he deleted his listing, blocked me and relisted his listing.

If anyone has any good suggestions on how to deal with similar people, would be appreciated. I usually just block them since it’s a waste of time.