Have you ever owned or wanted to buy an imported video game or console?

We’re curious to know if any GameFlip members out there have ever wanted, purchased, or currently own any imported games or systems from outside the USA.

Being an avid collector of both video games and systems we know that we have, and were wondering if you have too?

To date some our more interesting purchases have included games that were never released in the USA but were very popular overseas. One of our favorite imports was Final Fantasy II for the original NES which was never released in the states until it was reworked and released here many years later. Sadly, our first imported game cartridge is presumed to have been lost in a fire about 5 years ago and will always be missed…

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I never bought any imported games, but I’ve been tempted to buy some during cons and just some listings I see on Gameflip. The only thing stopping me is my lack of knowledge on how I would actually play the game and my laziness to actually research haha. If a game catches my eyes, I’ll probably be more prompted to get it.

Lol, getting the games is definitely the easy part. Finding or modding a system to play it on can be a bit more of a challenge.

Because almost all releases are region coded for various reasons, you’re faced with the issue of finding an imported system (and probably a PAL to NTSC converter as well) if you don’t modify a US console. The only system I’ve encountered that wasn’t quite so problematic was the original Wii if you have an earlier version because it can output NTSC even if a game was designed for PAL. It still takes a little soft modding but is no where near as bad as many other systems out there. Just be careful when modding if you’re new to it. I’ve seen more than my fair share of bricked systems due to bad mods.

NTSC = USA video standard
PAL = Almost everyone else