haven’t received code

accidentally completed a transaction with seller Linux Gaming store and didn’t receive code apparently it was an order ID instead and wanted to see if i could dispute transaction and get money back?

I haven’t got code also I think It’s a scam I’ve talked to one there guy and he has t received it either

yeah i think so they aren’t responding anymore either

I reported him he closed the store I also sent a email to the help desk. There are multiple people that have the same issue.

yeah so did i hopefully we can get a refund

Yea I sent screen shots

i didnt not sure how

I did on
My phone with a computer it’s apt+ print screen and you go to paint and save it

probably using the same order id for everyone who buys

Also I buy my stuff through PayPal so I did a request on there to

Alternative accounts Linux Gaming store.
Louis Piton
Jonile sabrahim

Could you all please send us tickets https://gameflip.zendesk.com/hc/en-us so we can investigate this?
Order id refers to the transaction and is a system generated number.
We need to check if this seller is really fraudulent.

I have sent

Thanks for contacting Gameflip Support. Your request (366264) has been received.
To add any additional information, please reply to this email.

Gameflip basically said they can’t di anything guess this guy is going to continue to scam guys. Seller is still on game flip listing false product.

What have you bought and how much you lost ? Gameflip can handle this, don’t worry, they helped everyone !

Order id: 0cf0064a-c31a-462e-9507-f8ae96c26762

he just uses his other account to give himself positive ratings also

Hi Dante, in your case you rated the seller, so it finished the transaction. During the transaction the money is on hold, and if you open and win a dispute we can release the money back to you. After you finish and rate the seller, the money is released to the seller, so we cannot refund. That’s why we have all the warnings about completing the transaction and how you should check the code before doing so.

This seller has already been banned from Gameflip, so thank you everyone for your cooperation.