Help me Gameflip

I bought 6 million dollars in gta v I’ve received 2 million and the person I bought it from said that he completed the And I had to confirm it even tho I still I have 4 million to go and I couldn’t get on because of irl reasons so I go to contact him to tell him that we can finish but it says that I’ve completed the transaction which I didn’t and I did not rate him and I msged him on Xbox and he said he would get me the rest and i msg him back and said I’m ready and then he blocked me on Xbox and on Gameflip please help me I want a refund or the rest of my money on gta Please help me I beg.

You had 3 days after the seller marks the item as delivered to dispute the purchase.


Post your profile code and Order/Transaction ID in case a moderator can help you.

I did that but I canceled it because he sent me that msg on Xbox and it’s been 6 days now

The moderators need your profile code to help you.

Okay I have it what I do now