Help with sold listing

Hi, I recently sold listing,
The code was okay and working, but the buyer didnt read description, even when i wrote this on the listing:
Marvel’s Avengers PC(Intel code)- Instant delivery
The game has region lock on Europe, but you can activate it anywhere through VPN
After activation you can play game anywhere, no VPN needed
redeem here:
If you have any questions write me down.

The buyer wrote that I didnt informed him about it that its intel code and not steam code, up I specifically wrote that its Intel code. Buyer disputed and the order was canceled. Why??? I informed him about everything and Gameflip ruled in his favor, he is also unverified profile, I am verified.
Can anyone please help me? Thank you

Hello @Samuel_Hronsky,

I have verified your listing and can see that you did not follow the region restriction rules and did not list the code under the correct platform. So since it was incorrectly listed, the order was cancelled.

As you can see in the image below, you did not add the region for which the code was valid and it was listed on the Steam platform.

Regarding the region restriction, it can be added in the following field inside the listing:

Now for the platform, since we do not have Intel as an option, you should have listed the game under the following option:


So keep these details in mind so you do not have anymore problems in the future with misleading information.

God Speed! :trident: