What should i do to stop misinterpretations of my listings?

i currently have sold a few fortnite skins, with all being Europe codes. However, 3 out of 7 of the buyers states that it is not workable only to realise that the code is only claimable in Europe.

What should i do to clear misunderstandings and avoid disputes? i have stated it clearly in the Title and description on the codes’ region.

Put it in the title whatever the item is plus (Europe only)
Description (Code will only work in Europe)
Region (Europe)

Put all the information needed so ppl will see it.
This may help you

I already stated it in the title and description, in caps as well. Maybe 1 or 2 i missed out on the region, and yet people still misinterpret

Maybe in the description put in cap something like
This is not a USA code. Its EUROPE only

Maybe for the item do
:eu: whatever item name (EUROPE ONLY) :eu:

Sometime regardless what people do some people can be >.< and not read before buying

i did exactly just that, and yet people still buy it thinking it is global region.

I wish I could help more.
You’re doing everything correct but other are not thinking before buying.

Gameflip need have different pages where people can put there codes.

USA (page 1) EU (page 2) JP (Page 3) so on

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thats a good idea.

which would mean an extra filter on the search bar.

People at times do have their blinders on and always in a rush to buy.

I mean we use gift cards as a example.
You click Amazon then right under it will pop up something like
Where the purple is would up these

I understand you could simple use the filter to search things but this could be something added where the purple line I draw to make it faster to pop up the country you’re trying to find.

Yes I understand ppl buy without looking because they see a good price.

I almost fall for it a few time because I see $ and I auto think its USA code but never bought a code without double check all information they added

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