High rated seller/buyer is using his reputation to scam small sellers?

Hello everyone!!

I would like to point that this seller(Who sells dozen of google play gift cards) is trying to scam new sellers like me, using his advantage ( high ratings ). He has a lot of google play gift cards listed on his profile and what he did is he purchased a google play gift card from me??? Who does that ??? Why would you spend your money made from sales on same type of gift card ur selling, you could simply use your own cards??? Good thing I am not actually new, have over 3 years of experience here, this is my second account and I cannot believe that they are doing that! U might be askin why are you using your second account, are you banned etc. Reason is small withdrawal weekly limit for my business and Im not banned, never was :slight_smile:

Scammers profile url https://gameflip.com/profile/us-east-1:976c2b6e-bab8-4d57-a96d-d2b4b2aaf89e/saul-blas-lopez?page=1&sort=updated%3Adesc&start=0

He bought the gift card, he opened and escalated the dispute and he’s silent, 0 reply from him…

My cards are legit, and I am the one and only owner, they have been purchased on Amazon and I had 3 satisfied buyers today, felt amazing.

@MajorTom @DarkKnight I will send you guys a private message, with more details. I hope something will be done against this.

Thanks for the heads up @disco!

I will be glad to take a look for you.

Since you sent me a PM, I will close this topic ok.


God Speed! :trident:

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