How can I check digital gift card was redeemed by buyer.

I am a Gift card seller.
If I list a $25 google play gift card.
Some one ( buyer ) accept it. After Few hours, He raised a claim about * gift card was already redeemed by someone else. so kindly cancel the transaction or give me a new gift card no.

My question :

  1. How can I check that gift card when redeemed and who redeemed.

there’s a no way to someone use that gift card. because I didn’t share to others and also game-flip also doesn’t allow to add list the same code again.
so kindly solve this issue…

I purchased gift card from e-delivery gift card.
I have the all proofs.
but I don’t know how to check it.
so kindly tell me the solution.


Open a ticket and send the evidence, such as screenshots, try to speak with Google they might give you more information about redemption.

I contact google. no use.
they are not give the account details.
They are not give time of the redemption. also

I don’t know which proof I need to submit.
I have purchased proof only.
If he redeem a different account. then he post different account( not working with screenshot).
then how can I identify it.
really I don’t know about it.

Send purchase proof for now, and wait for answer

ok. thanks bro