Google play error - Dispute

Google play error : " We need more info to redeem your gift card "

This messenge because this account google play is damaged account right ( cant active any code)

=> This buyer dispute my sale, i not accept for refund.

This card will show same image on any account. It is not account problem.

The problem is from this gift card not account. This happened to me before.

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And This account will KILL any code when you try to redeem

Account can’t redeem code anymore.

No, as said above it is card problem. Accounts still can use other cards.

That problem u got is

  • Giftcard error redeem on account Ok =>
    Problem is giftcard. And this account still can redeem Ok code.

But my problem got is

Giftcard Ok redeem on account error =>

giftcard now error + account still error

this account cant redeem OK giftcard any more. This account Will make giftcard OK => error when u trying redeem

Accounts can’t make cards unredeemable, I have no idea how you came up with this idea, but it is not not working like this. You have to accept that you sold problem card.

U can give me one code OK. I will redeem that in error account and show back you this code with that problem " we need more info… "

100% work like that

Do you know how can I fix it cus I buy 100$ but it’s not working

Hello @Rezwan_Saleem!

Sorry for the wait.

Have you verified this issue with the Support Team? If not, could you please inform me the order ID?

Godspeed! :trident: