How do I get the verified badge?

I have about 3000 ratings, but no verified badge, how can I get the verified badge?

same here im just att 600+ but no badge

Have your provided all the documents requested on that page?

the main thing is to get your identity verified credit card and phone bill wont hurt either , me myself i verify identity and credit card and i get verified !

How to get a verified badge? ca you help me @DarkKnight. since I submitted all the documents that need to verify my profile, this is my code X8H6H9.

Hello @robines101,

To obtain the verified badge, you need to have the ID verification approved on your account.

Here is the Help Center link that explains more about it:

Also, here is the guideline to get your ID verified:

    • One selfie of you holding both a paper written “For Gameflip” with the date and your ID Card/Drivers License (no Passports allowed)
    • Two close-up pictures of the document you hold, front and back, for us to read the information contained within.

God Speed! :trident:

I already sent my identity I hope I can get my badge thanks.
this is my code X8H6H9 @DarkKnight