How do sellers get their resale gift cards?

Hi everyone. New to this forum, but have been buying gift cards for a year now. I probably spent $1000-2000 by now, so I’ve been a long time buyer! I’m just curious as to how the sellers get their gift cards at such competitive rates and how they manage to provide competitive prices on their gift cards to the point where it’s unheard of on many other gift card websites. For example, I am recently finding Lyft $100 gift cards at 45% off, which I don’t think you can find on any other website. Is there a common way these sellers are buying them, such as through a common distributor in bulk quantities? You look at websites like Raise and Gift Card Granny and they hardly crack 5% off on most of the popular brands, so I’m just really curious as to how Gameflip sellers manage to do so. I understand this may sound like a personal question, but given that I spent so much of my money on this website for Amazon, Target, and Lyft gift cards, I can’t help but wonder each day how the sellers make this happen.

Also special shoutout to my favorite sellers: San Marino and Lexwood

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The truth is, these gift sellers are buying gift cards with stolen credit or debit cards. That’s why they say “use immediately” because the owner of the cards will file a charge back once they realize what’s happened. Not all sellers do this but 95% do!

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I am well aware of the scams going on but there seem to be a handful of sellers who don’t pull that scam and manage to have a long history of selling gift cards.