How long does it take to get paid after an order has been sent to buyer?

Hello I need help, I sent a card and it’s code to a buyer, it’s been 7 days now and yet I haven’t heard nothing from the buyer and my money is on hold still.
Order number: daa7e4f9-ab83-46b8-957d-6b12cee2a36b

you need create shipping label , and mark item sent !

The create label link isn’t functioning so I sent it to him through message because it says send item to resolve issues and I did but now I don’t know what else to do.
I need help guys😭


I did as Gameflip instructed, I sent him the itme since 7 days ago. This is my first time sending a code, it normally sends automatically but this time I sent it myself, not getting response from the buyer and don’t know what next to do at this point.

You should not need to create a shipping label for a digital product. Did you accidentally create a physical listing? How did you create the listing?

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What is the version number of your Gameflip app? You can find it from the left menu > Settings > Version

I created a listing to sell Amazon card just as usual but this time I chose to deliver in a day, which I did, now the buyer has gotten the order but my money is just there. It says send order and Gameflip will notify the buyer, well I did that since 7 days ago

Hello please help @Turbo_Skins I have done what I can but to no avail, my money is stuck still, please guys I need help.

What’s supposed to happen after a vendot sends a card to the buyer? He had received it but my money isn’t there, there no other way to report this, please I need help.

  1. What is the version number of your Gameflip Android app? You can find it from the left menu > Settings > Version
  2. Did you create the listing in the Android app or the website? Was the “Delivery Method” “Automatic” or “X days”?
  3. Did you deliver the code in the Android app or the website? Did you type the code in the “Key or Code” box and clicked “Send to Buyer”?

From your screenshots, I’m guessing that you encountered a bug where you do not see the “Send to Buyer” box for properly putting in the gift card code, so you improperly sent the code in the exchange messages, and the system is still waiting for you to properly send the code. Therefore the buyer would not have the option to accept the order, and you only have the option to cancel the order.

Have you contacted support with all the details? They probably can complete the order or cancel it, but we don’t know if the buyer have used the gift card code or not.

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Version 1.38.1.

Yes it was created on my android as usual and I think it was on auto delivery but some how switched to x days.

I sent the code with a pic of the card to the buyer 8 days ago. The buyer is not responsive.

If buyer is still unresponsive then one could assume the product works… you could ask support to complete the transaction for you (give them the order ID).

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Thanks, I’ll do just that

Even after I complained to support, this trade was canceled, they wrote me last week to say they are sorry for the day to reply and resolve the issue but now it has been canceled by Gameflip after I sent the item to the buyer and everyone reported for not being paid. Please I want to know what’s going on, I’ve never scammed no one since I’ve been selling here and this is my first time experience such.

Hello VerifiedSeller,

I’m sorry to hear about your issue.

We see that you have not set the sale to auto deliver, but it should have completed.

The amount of the sale was compensated to your account.

Sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for reporting this.

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Yes, I want to say thank you, the money has been sent to my account after 2 weeks and few days, and then I see a bad review with no complaint, no one made a negative comment about me but since the release the fund I saw a negative feedback, please this shouldn’t be there because I’ve wronged no one, even if my sales wasn’t automatic, the system is to detect if the item was sent or not, that’s not my fault because it was an option created by Gameflip and you manage it as well. Please I have tried to be good Vendor and to satisfy my customers, no one gave me the bad feedback, it came up after my fund was released by Gameflip. Please help me take it off.

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