How to contact sellers directly

Hey guys, relative newbie here. I Googled around but didn’t find anything up to date on this.

I saw someone selling a game I really wanted, but its already been sold. It’s a niche title and I’d like to see if they have the ability to get more, thus why I’m hoping to make contact. I’ve made some purchases already but only have 4 feedback, so I can’t comment on listings just yet.

I use the iOS app only, no PC unfortunately. Thanks in advance for any help!

The only way to contact other members on the store is:

1- Buy something from a seller then message him directly via your order page within the 3 day period before the transaction completes.
2- If the seller has any active listings you can comment on it.
3- Try to find him on the forum.

Ah, that’s what I figured. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something. Thanks for the reply and help!