what the … ? im not selling acc im charging your account with my own money
ur the one who will create ur own account and i charge it thats all cmon gameflip please
mods admins… can u just help me please?
ps : its about Hulu Live Tv (Online Streaming Service) with Cinemax

That’s not allowed here, you should not ask buyers for their account credentials.

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that is right it is not allowed… Why would You charge with your own money… and You are selling your services for a low cost I do not see earnings. Looks like scam without offending

Selling code is allowed but not that kind of services

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YO wayz first of all , they will make new account so i will make it premium with my money and they can change it thats all .
and im adding subscription into acc via my money direct.

Still not allowed ! Avoid listing those items or you will get suspended

ok thanks for help <3

so i’ll buy direct gift cards and sell direct