i got scam my ar-15 patriot

i got scam a patriot ar-15 (KOTK) one week ago by the user “virtual itemreseller” can someone help me?

Have you contacted Gameflip support about this? How were you scammed exaxtly?

I put to sell my skin on the site, he contacted me by the local chat and he asked me to add it as a friend so that we can talk about the price. once on steam I added it as a friend. he first asked me to remove the skin of the site to verify that it belonged to me. Once I removed it, I was disconnected from steam automatically, and I could only come back after 15 minutes, and my skin had disappeared from my steam account, and it had blocked my steam user account. . I have changed my password steam but I am disgusted because, having no proof, steam does not want to sanction it, nor even to make me my skin … this is how it happened. (sorry for my poor English level, all this was done through google translation)

Looks like he tricked you to trade (send) him the item from within Steam. Sorry but not much anyone can help you there.

so he will continue until nobody stops him

That person lured you off Gameflip and you listened to their request without being careful or noticing red flags. You were gullible and there’s not much that can be done about it. Take this as a lesson to be more careful in the future and to keep all communication on Gameflip if you are selling on here. Also make sure you protect yourself by having evidence.

so if i follow this reasoning, i can scam people as long as it does outside of gameflip and nothing can be done to me

You can try reporting him to Valve (Steam) and see what they say. From what you describe, Gameflip has no record of the transaction actually took place (no payment from the buyer).

maybe that gameflip has not received transaction but this is not a reason to leave someone scam on gameflip without risk of retaliation

You can report him to Gameflip with whatever evidence you have. Imagine if he reports you claiming you scam him, Gameflip won’t step in unless there’s convincing evidence, right? Since you’re not using Gameflip for all that negotiation, it’s going to be hard for them to be convinced.

I think they have warning (comments area) that any outside transaction is not protected. It’s there for this reason.

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