I got scammed and dont know what to do

I put some honey (from fortnite) up for sale and i got a notification that it had been bought, i messaged the buyer and got into a game with them. I dropped the honey and they then took it and left the game and is now stating that i did not give them it. However i do have proof of this. I do not know what to do or how to get a refund?

Can you give me link to your listing?


Here it is^

You were scammed by a person who wrote comment on your listing, sadly gameflip can’t help you with this. You will not receive your money back as it never was sold so protection doesnt work here.

You never sold item, someone wrote comment on your listing and you just send item to the person who wrote the comment.

This is one of the most common scams. Could you tell why you believed that “notification” message to be legitimate?

  • Were you not aware that those messages are actually listing comments?
  • Is it that the warning label above isn’t noticeable?
  • Were you tricked by the Gameflip logo (which is a user submitted avatar)? Would it help if you didn’t see this logo?
  • Were you tricked by the display name “Transaction Details”? Would it help if it was “Transaction Details says” or “By user: Transaction Details”?
  • Would it help if you were forced to read the warning label before you could read any of the comments?

It’s mostly new users that fall for these scams, and the designers do not see the website in a new user’s perspective, so if you could tell why it’s easy to fall for that fake notification trick then it would be really helpful for the designers.

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Thank you, i now understand

I did not see the warning message thats why

Were you using the website, Android app, or iOS app? Maybe the warning could be more visible, like brighter color or the warning has box around it? How would you change the warning so new users will read it to avoid this problem?