I got scammed by a buyers

I was delivering two orders when this happened. When I wanted to mark item as “delivered”, it signed me out from the app, required me a verification code then I got blocked by Verify Geo-Permissions and I couldn’t perform any actions on the site. Guaranteed delivery time expired and buyers took advantage of this and cancelled the orders so they got what they paid for and their money back.

I submitted a ticket to Customer Support 2 days ago with delivery proof and today they closed the ticket without saying any word. I didn’t get the funds on my wallet neither.

I have deep concerns about this because they are making it see like there’s no seller protection in scenarios like this.

Ticket #776193


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I’m confused at what verify geo protections is and what site you’re talking about, could you elaborate? And how did you get blocked?

Oh ok, I think recently Geo has blocked a bunch of phone numbers causing some issues to pop up according to another topic. The fact that the buyer chose to scam you is very frustrating, cause I would have bought another listing from you since you already delivered.

Yeah I know right, it’s been 6 days and I’m still “blocked”. I can’t create, edit, remove listings and I can’t send messages to buyers so they think I’m ignoring them.

Worst thing is, some buyers are still buying from me and they cancel the order after guaranteed delivery time expires. I know this is going to affect my account tho

In case you’re wondering, yeah I have a ticket with them for the Geo-Permissions block but they haven’t been very helpful. The only thing they have told me so far is “We had an update earlier today that should solve this problem of Geo-permissions, can you please test it again?” but no, still not working for me.

Can you edit your server profile?

Maybe edit it to say: away: cannot deliver anything please do not buy.

I wish I could. It won’t let me do anything. I’m even subscribed to their “Pro Club” which includes VIP seller support but to tell you the truth, that is a big lie.


After writing a review on Trustpilot I submitted another ticket and this time they added the funds to my wallet.

Still a fact that, indeed, they closed my first ticket deliberately and they would have let these users to scam me.

Some of those tickets can be easily overlooked by a support member so remembering to send tickets again can help. Glad you got your support.

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Hello @Fractal!

I’m sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you and for the wait to verify this case.

This is a very out of the curve situation in which our support team and engineers are working on to solve and unfortunately, it happened to you at the wrong time.

I’m glad that your case with the cancelled order was solved and can see that you were able to find a workaround with the support team to the Geo issue.

Godspeed! :trident:

Also @Fractal, please keep in mind that your ticket was closed and merged into another one. In this case, the main ticket in which your issue was being verified.

So you do not have any ticket(s) that were not answered and closed without saying any word, like you said.

We always do our best to verify our users issues and help the best way possible and since this issue was on our side, we would give you the support needed to fix what was caused and we would not have let users scam you.

Godspeed! :trident:

Since this case is already resolved and you are currently verify updates of the Geo issue with the support team, I will close this topic.

Godspeed! :trident: