I got scammed from gameflip

I did 33 dollar deposit 15 days ago and you cancelled my deposit. And I created a ticket you Said you will receive your money in 3-10 days. Today is 15. Day and I didin’t received my money and I talked with my bank they Said money gone from us they need to send receipt to sending money back or we can’t Credit you because money has gone from us. So Please send me a receipt or sending money back or I will lose my money. I Trusted your site pls don’t regret me. Please understand me they will not Credit me if you don’t send receipt.

Hello Spidergamba,

Could you please tell me your profile code, so I can further check this for you?

MY profile is : ESJC2G
I talked with support they are saying we sent money and I talked with my bank they Said we didin’t received any money. Please send receipt and I want receipt from support but they are not sending receipt so I can’t take my money.

Perşembe, 11 Temmuz 2019, 02:02ÖÖ +03:00 gönderen: MajorTom via Gameflip Forum

Did you checked MajorTom?

Perşembe, 11 Temmuz 2019, 02:02ÖÖ +03:00 gönderen: MajorTom via Gameflip Forum

as far as i know the money never leaves your account if a deposit is cancelled, can you supply moderators with a screenshot of your bank statement where the 33 dollars left your account?

Perşembe, 11 Temmuz 2019, 09:14ÖS +03:00 gönderen: Oscar_Ha via Gameflip Forum


As Oscar_Ha has mentioned, the money doesn’t leave your account as the purchase was canceled. I believe we already explained this to you via ticket.

" This purchase was voided before any funds left your account.

This means that you might not see a separate entry on your statement showing funds returning.

Instead, the original charge will be deleted from your statement as soon as your bank completes the declined charge process. Most banks complete this process immediately.

Some banks do not support manual authorization hold requests. Please note that the final decision to release the funds prior to the authorization expiration date is always made by the issuing bank.

In cases such as this, the issuing bank waits for the authorization hold to expire before the cancellation is reflected on your statement."

If you want, I can show you that this purchase is indeed canceled from our side.

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Stop telling lie pls, here is Proof.

Cuma, 12 Temmuz 2019, 06:36ÖS +03:00 gönderen: MajorTom via Gameflip Forum


We have sent you evidence via ticket that this purchase was already canceled from our side. Please, carefully check it.

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The transaction was made with a prepaid mastercard, the ones you fill with money, so if he indeed is missing money, the problem is with the prepaid card provider