I got suspended for no dang reason how long will it be to be off suspension

Recently I sold in gameflip making a good amount of money selling guns . I woke up this morning to a couple sales and I clicked login and I’m suspended . I have about 30$ in my account from sales already please help me get it back thanks


You should probably post your Invite Code and the reason that Gameflip provided in the email they sent you around your account suspension email.

Be prepared to be disappointed as most Suspensions are done with good cause/evidence to support breach of Terms and Conditions/Scamming etc.

How Long is a normal suspention

usually permanent, unless said otherwise

How will I get my money back

The thing is, that there is no “real” money on this site. If you purchase wallet funds, you trade US Dollar for Gameflip Dollar. So they reserve the right to keep the money without owing you anything.
So I’m sorry to say, but it’s probably gone for good.

I sold items and had balance in there from selling stuff it is illegal to keep the funds

It’s not. As I just told you, you don’t own any money here. Youre trading with gameflip money. It’s no official money anymore.
However, if you had an active account you could trade your Gameflip money for US$, but as far as you described it, that didn’t happen before suspension.

If you add money, it’s real money. In this case, he sold something, but if it’s deemed fraudulent or scam, the funds is taken back to be repaid to the buyer.

Exactly they should allow to get the money because I did the order and was confirmed now that is my money now I’m pretty sure if you got banned you would say the same I need a mod in here

No Sir, I know that I agreed to the “Terms of Service”, thats why I never have more than $10 on my account. Suspended accounts are a well known thing around here, and none of them got anything. So risking anything with a lot of money here doesnt seem to be the best idea.

I know it’s bad, but I don’t get to make the rules here.

I’ve had like $20k in my account at once. If you follow the rules there’s really nothing to worry about.