I have to pay more then i think i have to pay

Hey Gameflip, 10 days ago, or something, i bought a Gameflip Gold Description. When im trying to sell an item, it still says -10%, but thats not true right, cause the gold description says, -4%. i have pictures if u want that. i can’t post anything more, cause im scared to get -10%. im pretty sure it isn’t 1 month ago that i bought it,

You probably went over the sales cap! Go to the wallet/subscriptions page and check.

Yeah Thanks! But when i want to get a new one, i click ‘stop’ then it says ‘renew’ when i click that, there isn’t happening anything, and when i refresh page it says: ‘stop’ again. and i tried everything, and there wasn’t a moment that the sales cap, was on 0