Did I notice this right?

Hello, I have Gold Subscription and something bothers me. Is Sales Cap ($200) dependable on sales made, or sales completed? If it is the first case, than that’s not good thing. My Sales Cap is currently much higher than my actual income since subscription renewal.

Two times in last few days most expensive items bought from me were under review by Gameflip and both time canceled after a day or two. After they were automatically listed and sold again, my Sales Cap changed once again. So, two times for the same item.

I repeat, I’m not hundred percent sure of this, but intend to look more careful into it.

Or you can clarify it for me here.

And please change the rule if it changes our Sales Cap without actual income.

Thank you.

Hello! Can you please send me screenshots that illustrates your example?

I can understand you better and give you the proper answer regarding the case.


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I think it’s pretty informative post, but let’s try to make it even more simple. Here is the screenshot, where I highlighted “Sales Used”.


That number goes higher when someone buys something from me, BUT DOESN’T GO DOWN WHEN:

  • buyer accidentally cancels transaction (and when he buys it again, number goes up one more time)
  • Gameflip put transaction under review, cancels it and lists my item again (and when it’s sold again, number goes up one more time)

Thing is, highlighted number should change (goes up) ONLY when transaction is completed, everything else is basically stealing.