I lost money? order status is completed. I got scamed by user Woodinho

I got scamed by user Woodinho. I bought 300 RL key from him. he didn’t reply me for a few days. I got offline for 4 days. now the order was set to completed. I lost 220$ and got nothing. and gamefip support need 3-4 days to reply me. anyone now what can I do?

Order IDfd46373d-b803-4f85-bf01-681010a41913
my code AUBUJ2
help me please. I am new here.

the guy still have listing for sale. that’s him. http://prntscr.com/jjcgli
I don’t want more people get scamed.
I don’t want gameflip just send me " Gameflip Guidelines" when I got problem.
why the guy’s account not get banned.
have somebody try to contact to him. to ask if there is something done by mistake. could he deliver the items
I am sure more people will be get scamed by him.

who can help me?

I just answered your ticket.

Unfortunately, there is nothing much I can do since the transaction is completed.