i need help to remove this bad rate

as costumer did buy region lock key from me and he did open despite and did instantly massage him to ask him explain the problem to me so i can help him but for 5 days he gave me no answers for the problem and now as the dispute did close he did gave me bad rate even tho i did my full job i did ask him to tell me what problem he have as if customer don’t answer us we cant help him, and we did provide all info for the key and it’s working for the dispute so we don’t understand the problem he have

Your Code: K39KGB

Just email customer support about the problem, with a couple screenshots. They will clear it up within a week on most occasions.

Hello @baaziz0yassine,

I have verified the issue and removed the rating for you :wink:

Resolved in 12h @Matthew_Shockley hehe :rocket:

Have a wonderful day everyone!

God Speed! :trident:


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