I send more than the amount paid for and buyer doesn’t want to balance up

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I had a Roblox listing of $60 after the buyer tried the codes it was invalid in my bid to satisfy him and replace the card, I sent him and $100 card which he used and confirmed he use. Then I created another $40 listing for him to buy and I send codes there and he balances the payment but he’s refusing and trying to call me a scammer i have card receipt and rest details. Please let me know did I commit any offense? Is there any way out! Am I to take the loss and leave? Is he to pay pick the new listing and balance up or is there any way out? Order# f11a8ae4-b282-4ac7-8872-53078b571187. Profile code is 44P837

You can create ticket to Support regarding that with the evidence. I’m not sure what could be done.
Did the buyer agree to buy the $100 card? If it’s in the messages in the $60 order, it would help.

Answering your question,

No, you didn’t.
However, the actual way (If the code was really invalid and the buyer agreed to buy the $100 giftcard) to solve that is cancelling the $60 order and list a listing for the $100 card.

If it’s true, then yes he should but very unlikely he would buy the new listing since he called you a scammer based on what you wrote.
Best way is to contact Support and ask what can be done while waiting for DarkKnight to reply you on forums.

Did you try the code yourself after the buyer said it was invalid? Do not give buyer a new code because the buyer said it’s invalid.

If code is redeemed, it will show this.

If it’s invalid, it will show this.
If it shows already redeemed (If you didn’t use it), I suggest contacting Roblox to ask when it was used (not sure if they can provide the details) but with the receipt and information, Roblox should be able to provide you some information which you can then use for Gameflip Dispute if any buyer wants to try to scam.

@Sparkling_Juice I didn’t ask if he’d want to buy $100 I mistakenly sent $100 he confirmed that the $100 worked actually but he only wanted to pay the $60 amount for $100. And not wanting to pay for $100 even after I created a new $40 listing so he will buy and that covers for it all he said no and saying I want to take advantage of him per day and not directly calling me a scammer. In this case what shall I do?

Did you do this? Do it first to see if the buyer was lying or not for the $60. Probably something can be done if you can prove this.

Did the buyer know it was a $100 code before he used it?

Because if you did not tell him it was a $100 code and he also did not agree to buy a $100 code, that means he found out it was $100 only after redeeming code.

If it is what I wrote above, then I don’t know what you can do. Have to wait for DarkKnight or someone who experienced it to tell you.

@Sparkling_Juice I mistakenly sent the $100 instead of $60 it was when he used card he said card worked he was trying to deny that it was $60 and not $100 untill I sent him the receipts then he just completed the trade only and didn’t pay for the rest $40. How do I go about it

I understand what your saying. The problem is I’m just a normal buyer/seller. I cannot see what actually happened in the messages from/to you and the buyer. You have to wait for Support/DarkKnight.

You can show screenshots here about what the buyer wrote about denying it was $100 instead of $60. It might help but I’m not sure. Never encountered it before.

I don’t think anything can be done IF

  1. Buyer did not agree to buy the $100.
  2. Buyer did not know it was $100 before he redeemed it.

Also can you please check this VVV

If the original code you provided is a valid code, you can report him for scamming and see what can be done.

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If he didn’t agree to buy the $100 and you sent him then he’s dishonest for using it. But I think you can’t force him to pay so take the loss :frowning:. Its like when a store give too much change and the buyer takes it then there’s nothing you can do.

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