If an order is refunded due to an issue with seller, the seller should get a negative review

Hello all,

I really love buying a lot of stuff from GameFlip but there has been that one time when I bought an iTunes card and the seller was trying to do a scam but ended up confessing and asking me to report the case to GameFlip and request a refund.

Thankfully GameFlip issued a refund instantly when I sent them a screenshot of it (although I am disappointing that they refused to jump in and contact the seller themselves when I reported him in the first place, and just asked me to handle it on my own with him in the messages).

What annoyed me the most was that when the order got refunded it was just marked as canceled and I was never allowed to leave a negative review on his profile. This alone makes me feel worried buying from anyone with less than 150 to 300 good rating.

I think that if a seller tries to scam and the transaction gets canceled by the staff, the user should get a negative rating instantly, and if it happens again he gets banned. Thankfully the buyer who scammed me got banned (I think, as he has no listings anymore).

Thanks again and keep it up guys.

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Hey @MRizkBV, what a great suggestion!

I’ll pass it to the team so we can sse what we can do about it.