If the transaction is complete can they still rate you

They is just a simple question. When the transaction is complete can the buyer still rate you. I’m asking this because I’m getting harassed and annoyed by one of my buyer and I want to block him but I don’t want a negative review

If he has not rated you yet, he can still rate you anytime he wants since transaction has been completed.

If the buyer is harassing you, you should just block the person.

It’s a groundless bad review if he does that. You can contact Support to get it removed if he gives you a bad review because of that since that has nothing to do with the transaction.

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Ok thanks a lot for your feedback

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He has 30 days to rate you after the transaction is complete. After those 30 days neither of you can rate it anymore.
I personally would block him anyways because like @Sparkling_Juice said you can just contact to get it removed as it would have been done out of spite.

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