I'm not sure about this product...

I’ve seen this over and over in the PS4 console section and it honestly makes me feel uneasy. It’s just a simple HDMI cord that somebody is trying to sell, but he’s selling the same cord (ass can be assume with it being the same picture and price) with more then one link. I want to call this spamming since it’s literally just the same product copy pasted but I wouldn’t know if that would be the right action. So I’m coming here for your guys opinion. What are you thoughts on this seller or sellers like him? (Buy the way, he’s also selling the same cord in other console areas like the Xbox one but not in the Game Cube area, so clearly he’s trying to get a market in the new console area).

This is a link to one of the cords by the way, they all have the same info on them.

yeah i am not sure how i feel about mutli listing for the same item. honestly for some newer games i dont mind so much…but for random stuff like cords and controller covers i dont really need to see a billion of em

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Yeah, and it makes me wonder how many cords this guy actually has when they all Shoah e same cord. I’m afraid that this isn’t just spam from this person posting more then once but also a scam. As in this guy sells “more then one cord” but then ends up only giving one person one cord and not giving another costumer his.