Im totally lost!

Hey gameflip, Im Floris, 13 years old, i live in the Netherlands. i really enjoyed dealing my stuff (rocket league items) in the passed, i was making much money of it, i already imported a couple 100$. when im selling items, i’m getting 10% off, but when you buy the gold description, you will get 4% (you know that). but it has 200$ gold cap on it. so i made a couple extra accounts, so i could get less fee, i dindt know that was suspend able. I can’t do anything more, and i don’t know when it will go away, (im suspended for already more then 2/3 weeks). I have still like in total 200$ on my gameflip accounts, in total, but these are suspended. I don’t know, cause i think its still my money? I hope i can still get that, cause its really much money for me :). The next thing is, that i requested a payout, a day before i got suspended, (a 200$ request) and i dind’t received that to. I really want my money!

Greating from the Netherlands,

PS: I can only fill one invite code in, so here my 2 other accounts are called:

  1. Floris Brentas
  2. Floris Brentas 2th

In order to check your accounts, do you mind sending me your invite codes via PM so I can help you further?