Ingame Item spam in Steam game category

yeah, this one has to be one of the worst currently. Had to give up on page skipping before finding games

Yeah, I wrote to him few times.

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Guys, this is still happening. I comment those listings whole day, but they’re mostly ignoring me. So… I started to report them if I keep seeing same seller(s) too often.

I wouldnt bother warning them anymore. Its obvious that they shouldnt do it, this has been a rule for over a week now. Just shoot your reports if you see any, I do the same every time. Keep up the good work.

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Steam category PUBG item spam, Also scamming on Steam and Facebook @DunnBiscuit

bump, still spamming.

Hello! Please PM me and send all the proofs about this spammer, so I can investigate and take action.


Hi, I don’t know what proof you really need. Please follow the link to his profile to find the 50-100 copy-pasted PUBG item listings, that are currently in the Steam game category, despite me asking to stop spamming. I’ll send you the link via PM as well, as you asked. Thanks!

He now has closer to 300 PUBG Items listed in the Steam Game Marketplace.

It would only take clicking into any item he has listed as everything he has listed is a PUBG Item on the Steam Game Marketplace. I’m glad @Ruhenot is providing the evidence of this and not me as it would take forever :slight_smile: