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This guy named ‘’ Viral [ONLINE] (PLAY2 15% Off Up To 10 Dollars In Savings)’’ is constantly spamming the same item more than 5 times. As an example, ill attach a picture where he posted 11 Hex Tide (one is posted with a customizated picture from his store).

He posts the same item with different prices…

Gameflip Link >

@DarkKnight hope you can take a look to this guy!

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now with keys too :confused:

Did you try to buy from him ? Maybe he has alot of keys or something

According to the gf rules. Ur only allowed to post the same item in a period of 24 hs.
This means… if u post at 5 am, then u have to wait 24hs for posting the same item described. Doesnt matter if u have 80 hex tide, heatwave, etc. Bc a lot of ppl have like 500+ keys and ur not seeing everyone posting x10 keys 50 times… so. Ur comment has no sense broda

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I understand bro, we will find out soon if he scam someone

Its not about if he scamms or not broda. its about the spamm hes doing, not allowing other sellers to actually post and try to sell something.

Ohhhh, i got you it’s normal thing on gameflip, but don’t worry its not a problem They will understand!

Hello Domo!

A warning was sent out to the user :wink:

God speed!

:trident: New forum moderators!

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