Is GameFlip Legit?

Just found out about the site, trying to buy skins. Can someone tell me if the sites legit and if they are how buying skins works?

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It’s 100% legit. You purchase the skins (look for bot trade for fast delivery), via paypal or credit card. You then get a trade offer from the bot and you accept the skins. It’s as simple as that.

It is legit… I buy and sell skins on this site frequently…

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I sold items last October 11, 2017… and still did not received my payments as of now October 13, 2017.

That is due to an anomaly. Here’s more info:

Rip just added funds didnt get money in my account what a scammmm

Probably because it’s still on hold. They’ll check your data, so that they can PREVENT scamming. But sure, go ahead and jump the gun here…

like a seller i can say its not legit im banned with 500$ my friend was buying items from me and i got banned for no reasson :confused: gf suck use g2a

“Your account was suspended since it is an alternate account from one that was asking users to rate before sending the items/codes they’ve purchased.”

It’s a great place if you aren’t trying to scam people like you and your ‘friend’.