Is it just me or do high dollar sales end up being scams?

I have been with Gameflip for months now and love it. Most of the time I am able to buy from reputable sellers. I tend to look for a high feedback score and ID verified icons.

However, I just did this today for a high dollar amount, expecting that it would be fine because the feedback score was over 600 and the ID was verified. The user even has recent positive feedback.

I say that because all of this points to a possible mistake and not a scam, yet it is hard for me not to feel like a scam has taken place when I put in the code and find that it has already been used, have communication with the seller where he or she says to just wait a bit and there will be a replacement, and then communications just drop out entirely.

While I have escalated it to support after about 4-5 hours, I want to know how it is possible that this happened so I can prevent it from happening again, through responsible and intelligent use of the site. A large positive feedback score and a verified ID ought to indicate to me that I am not dealing with a scammer, so what happened?

A high score usually isn’t a 100% guarantee of not making mistakes.
I’ve always bought from steam pumpkin and no one else.
The service is impeccable and downright straightforward.

It could have been a reseller , or someone in the middle used the key.

I would suppose to assume a mistake was made and that was it. Haven’t you encountered the same scenarios outside?

I wish you luck and trust your instincts

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Mistakes can happen, not everything is a scam.

As @newbzie21 said, something coul’ve happened before the sale. Perhaps the seller is facing some issues and couldn’t answer you after all?

I know that the situation is odd, but you need to consider everything.
Regarding the dispute, the support team will handle it.

Thank you.