Is there any way to cancel a listing hold that I initiated?

Recently, I bought an item from a seller which was a virtual item listed as a key/code. He told me he would trade me the virtual item on Tuesday (which was the 21st), but he did not contact me until after I was forced to rate him for the code (which wasn’t actually a code for anything, just the promise that he’d send me the item). Since he did not trade me this item which I bought, I put the listing on hold for review instead of rating him. Recently, he’s told me that he can’t get me the item I bought. I’d like to get a refund soon, but I have no idea how to reverse the review session I initiated, so that I can cancel the order. Is there any way to cancel it?

If you haven’t done so already, please respond back to that On Hold ticket you placed letting us know this, and we’ll be able to cancel and refund your payment for the transaction.

As another note, please do not ever rate the Seller until you have actually received the item as doing so will result in you agreeing that everything is good and we will not be able to make a refund for that purchase.

@BurTheFly Support has answered my ticket, and asked for screenshots of my Steam trade history to show that I did not receive the item. I gave them the screenshots, but they have not replied in regards to closing the order in almost a day. I don’t like to be so impatient, but there are some listings I’m watching that I can’t purchase without receiving my refund, and I don’t want to let them get away! Do you know how long it will take for them to cancel the order? Thanks

You’ll probably hear back from them later today, it looks like the tickets are getting caught up with from this week.