Is there anything wrong with the page? Heavy RAM usage.

Since yesterday, my pc is lagging and the site is using my Ram heavily. I have never encountered this issue before… Anyone facing the same?


I have had this problem before, and I managed to fix it. A few months back, it happened again and there was nothing I could do about it.

The problem could be that you have too many apps open or you don’t have enough physical ram.

Increase space in C drive by deleting unwanted .Remove temp file(Select WIN+R key and type in search box %temp% )

1. Change in Registry —

    Win Key + R open search type Regedit
    Go to ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management’
    get ‘ClearPageFileAtShutDown’ in list click on it and change its value from 0 to 1
    Restart your system

2. performance setting

    Right click on “My Computer” and select “Properties”
    Goto “Advanced System settings”
    Select “Settings”
    Select “Adjust for best performance” and click on“Apply”.
    Click on “OK” and Restart your Laptop.

3. Disable useless startup programs

    Win Key + R Type ‘msconfig’ and run/enter
    The Task manager window will open. Click on the “Startup” tab and you will see a list of programs that run at startup.
    Right click on the applications that you don’t want to run at startup and select “Disable”.

4. Driver related issue:

    In ‘Device manager’ right click on all device and click ‘Scan for hardware changes’

5. Defragment the drive

    In Win+R type defrag go to option Defragment and optimise drivers click on it.
    Select the drive and click on optimise wait til drive optimise and restart your system.
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weird for me, never happen before until yesterday. and the page doesn’t load properly for me while all other pages like FB , YT, IG are working fine.

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Yes, I had this too.

I think it may be the Gameflip website. I’m pretty sure it uses high ram compared to other websites.

Light Speed! :cloud_with_lightning:

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I’ve also only experienced this yesterday. It caused my entire browser (Chrome) to crash. I tried using Edge instead but the same amount of lag. Very slow to browse listings. Perhaps something is attacking their servers.


@DarkKnight @DunnBiscuit any luck with this? seems like i’m not alone…

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I have been using the mobile app in the meantime. It is not as good but it does the job at least for me.

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Gameflip always used a lot of ram for some unknown reason (poor website optimization) but recently when i try to open more than 3 tabs of gameflip on google chrome it start to eat all my 16gb of ram and juts freeze or crash browser.
There is some leak of ram on gameflip.

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Hey guys,

Could you please inform me the browser that is being used while using the Gameflip platform?

Also, have you tried to tudo a “Clear Browsing Data” on the browser you are using to do a full clean-up?

I find it strange that this is happening. I have various tabs opened daily and don’t seem to come across this issue. Usually chrome is the one to eat up lots of RAM randomly, but never happened to me on the Gameflip website. Everything is stable to me at the moment, but I’ll try to help you guys out the best way I can :wink:

God Speed! :trident:



I war previously using Google Chrome, I was aware that it was using way to much RAM.

I switched to FireFox yesterday and everything has been fine so far. Undervolting my CPU did nothing, I must’ve been the browser I was using.

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This has also been happening to me. I’m also a Chrome user and this just started happening 2 days ago. It seems especially laggy when i go in the bot section in the CSGO category.

Hello @DarkKnight,

I also have a transaction that was not completed from the buyer. They have been unresponsive since purchase, I also have evidence that I can leave attached if needed.

Transaction ID - e24402b9-477c-494c-a468-c11f2732ae04
Invite Code - GXUY5M

I have tried using Chrome and Microsoft Edge when encountering this issue. This seems to only happen when I browse the CSGO section, as @SinisterAlley mentioned:

Browsing Amazon gift cards don’t seem to have this issue. I’m primarily only experiencing this when browsing CSGO items. This even occurs when using private browsing.

Even shown in the screenshot at the top, the user was browsing csgo items.

Massive lag and browser tab crashing (google and microsoft browsers) when viewing item buy pages. Almost to the point of not being able to purchase anything. Admin might want to make this a highest priority.


the Rust item page is pretty much useless to browse with a chrome or microsoft browser. and yes i’ve cleared caches. this is a Gameflip issue.


Maybe its a problem related to the bots?

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It has just happened to me. Using Google Chrome on windows 10. Opened three tabs and suddenly my PC got veeeeeeery slow. Opened the manager and notice almost 8gb of ram being used by the Gameflip’s website. :open_mouth:

Edit: just adding that I was surfing the in-game items section when this happened.

Edit.2: just tried it both on Firefox Nightly and on Microsoft Edge and had a huge (aprox. 8gb of ram) spike when browsing the in-game items section of Gameflip.

I think is fixed now. It work on google chrome without any problems.

I just tried browsing CSGO items and it’s still crashing my browser :frowning:

I closed every other apps and tabs, and left a single tab of Gameflip CSGO listings. It is still eating up all the memory and CPU for some reason.

Hello @nfsjayiscool,

What CPU and RAM are you using?

Mine is a Ryzen 7 3700x (4.2 GHz) and 2080 Super, mine is working fine now on Firefox.

Light Speed! :cloud_with_lightning: