Is This Seller A Scam?

Is this seller a scammer you can check down below is the link.

It Also Seems some of the reviews are fake.


Did you encounter something with this seller? If so, please contact Support in link below.

Reviews are made only after transactions are completed. (Which means the transaction is done and all went well) Unless you mean he might have made multiple accounts to buy from himself just to get reviews.

You might see some reviews having the same words but that is because you have to type in at least 20 letters to be able to rate someone after completing transaction or it could be the same buyer/seller. Common words people write in review - โ€œGood Seller, Great Seller, Nice, Thank You, Recommended Sellerโ€.

Just an advise if you buy anything - Just record + Screenshot the whole process of getting the item.

Thanks so muck for helping me out.