Issue with orders not auto-completing

Hello, like many others I’ve noticed an issue that is fairly simple to fix. When an order reaches its 3-day auto complete considering a situation where a buyer doesn’t complete his order manually, the order doesn’t update and send to the escrow system to release the money to the seller. This is not that big of a deal as it can be fixed with going to “already sent” or to navigate to the order that is past the 3-day auto-complete timer, and this’ll send an update to the escrow system to release the money to the seller/vendor as soon as you go to the page, but I’m wondering why hasn’t this been fixed yet? It’s a timer for an escrow system, it shouldn’t be that hard to implement.
I’ve seen this problem reported many times in the past after doing some research on it. I just think its an easy fix and it would be awesome if you guys could look into it whenever. Cheers.

Example : Why do I have to revisit a transaction to get paid?


To be honest, there are tons of things the community already suggested but Gameflip I think is the only platform not listening to their community. I think they simply dont care!

Hey @Fairness ,

Keep in mind that we are always listening to your suggestions and thoughts.

We are always implementing new functions, improvements and making sure that the Gameflip marketplace is updated and with no bugs :beetle:

Regarding this case in specific @FlexShop, I have explained further in the following topic:

God Speed! :trident:

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