Why do I have to revisit a transaction to get paid?

I’ve been using Gameflip for 8 months. Often, the buyer does not complete the transaction after I delivered the item, so I have to wait 3 days for auto-completion.
However, after these 3 days, I don’t receive my money automatically. I have to revisit the listing in order to complete the auto-completed transaction. It sounds very unnatural to me.
Once, I sold an item on Nov 3rd and revisited the listing on Dec 13th: it was on Dec 13th, 40 days after the sale (!), that I received my payment.
What if I completely forget to revisit a listing? I’ll never get my money? The funds should be transferred the same day of auto-completion, 3 days after the delivery (plus pending time, of course). Could someone explain me the reason I need to revisit my listing?
Thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:


I have the same I just think they are trying to hold on to the money has long has they can. It’s like having to wait the 3 days then another 4 days for the money to be released. I have asked a few times when will money be released after transaction is completed but get no real answer. I have been using Gameflip for nearly 3 years now. But there are no other sites so they know basically the can do what they want.

@HommeCrabe, I don’t have that issue, what category are you experiencing this with and have you experienced it recently? Also, I’m not sure about the time frame, but at one point it was required to rate the buyer in order to mark the transaction completed. This is no longer the case. If you wanted to make sure there were no forgotten listings from the past you could visit https://gameflip.com/listings/sold?handling_status=shipped&status=settled to view any orders you (or bots) have sent/shipped.

I think you are mixing up a separate issue, Phil.

I’m having this issue with ALL the previous games I’ve sold that haven’t been completed by the buyer. I wait for the 3 days period to end. But then I don’t receive the “Your sale of XXX is complete!” email automatically. Same goes for the funds. They don’t appear on my wallet activity. But when I click on the listing (stuck with the “Wait for acceptance” label), the moment I click on it, I receive the email and the funds are now shown on my wallet activity. And then the label becomes “Transaction completed”.
What’s the point of just clicking on the listing? I even do not need to rate the buyer. Why can’t this be done without my action?


No sometimes when the timer has completed because the buyer can’t be bothered to complete. The transaction will not start the 4 day process for waiting for the money until you revisit the page.

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Hello, in order to investigate this further, can you send me any screenshots that shows this happening?

Send me an PM so I check this.


DunneBiscuit he can’t send you screenshot because the order complete only once he opens the order page, otherwise order doesn’t complete, everyone has the same issue here.

I noticed it too as a buyer. When looking at the order from the purchases page it says review & complete transaction, but when visiting the order page it gets completed right away.

It’s been happening for a long time (can’t remember when exactly). At first I thought I’ve been visiting the page at the last second before the time ends, and I said to my self wow what a coincidence. But noticing this too much means it’s not a coincidence at all.

I think this only happens in the 4th or 5th day, but after that it’ll get completed automatically without you having to visit the page manually.

@DunnBiscuit I created a GIF showing you what we’re talking about. I can PM it to you if you’re interested? The capture has some of my purchase history and emails, so I rather send it to you privately.

Please do so, so I can check ir properly and report it.

Thank you.