issues with customer support and order from lyskayshop seller order need help from Mods

MOD @DunnBiscuit @DarkKnight @Sparkling_Juice @MajorTom

As I mention on message, i got this issue and support when on favor with seller I ask until I get this issue resolve dont turn this message locked or off, I evidenced the code even anyone who use the code on a us region as I will not work wth is wrong with support did I just lost and got stole $46.69 with seller lyskayshop? Wtfudge I am begging for justice and help

I have anxiety and high BP issue this issue which I though I was 100% clear and was going to be refunded, I am having right now very hard momment to release and breath well due to this big stress, pls some mods or support that can help me


I just purchased 2 $100 from seller does two did work and one of them I am using it as a anchor to talk to him to be fair, code did not work, was faulty and he never helped about it, just prolonged, Now he calling me blackmail and want to get me ban because I want Him or Her to be honest and pay me back for the faulty code

@Wolfy_Zero | As clearly stated, it is restricted to the US region. It is up to Gameflip with the dispute. Be careful and read descriptions before buying!


… I am US citizen on a US territory, hoping one day been a state, that all my psn, xbox, switch steam, all my account are US why even you mention that it clearly stated? I read all the details, the error on steam is either invalid code/ error on code letter or number(copy pasted from gameflip sale to steam) or region)

My steam account is US region, it uses US currency only, all my purchases with the seller previous and even afterward have been exactly the same US only restriction,
Are u saying Puerto Rico is not US or it has its own currency? All my accounts always have use US gift cards. Seriously

Att. Edwin,

I even provided way to personal information on support and now here to be able to proof something that can be proved by anyone who is in US and try to use the code, I dont know if it works with another region besides US, what I Do know is on The US it does not work, I really hate the need to provide my purchases just to proof something that if it was redeemed, it would had say so, and if US only argument, my account is US :angry:

Btw reason why now balance is $0 is because I use the $1.78 with my debit card to finish buying remaining dlcs around

30 mins agos

If anybody ask, its golden week and I been saving a lot just for this week hope nobody judge I just want seller give me refund or a working US $50 Steam code I payed for a working US redeemable code, not the other way around

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After sleeping a bit over this issue now I am checking on zendesk gameflip support, I got suspended, after I receive evidence that fully support that seller did indeed was at fault and scam me, I get suspended for fighting, O did not say any bad word or insult support, I am mad, very pissed they supported a fraudulent sale and I am pretty sure it was the same rep that deal my ticket, what am I legally should do know, no mods that directly can talk to support will help me on this, this is very depressing.

Hello @Wolfy_Zero,

Could you please provide me your invite code so we can take a further look?

God Speed! :trident:

Sure its: AVQW2X
I got suspended from customer support, and currently I am on a transaction with the seller as anchor for support reevaluate with undeniable proof, thanks @DarkKnight for checking

(Full evidence from steam support)

@DarkKnight also sorry for using yesterday someone else topic, I saw your post in it recently answering, yesterday and the stress of the issue, I tried to use it to get back to you trying to communicate to the first mod I see

Update @DarkKnight was told by rep in chat support Bruno to open new ticket on new email I will be providing here all the info here, and again thank you and any other mod for any help

3 days has pass(4 days if u included my suspended email and old ticket from support) has passed, on something that is so easy to verify and there is no doubt that I was scammed, today my last sale with seller which I am using will pass unless I scale the dispute, that code did work but I seriously want back what the seller stole on a unfair, what might seen bias dispute, that I lost without merits, I am asking Mods to help here, I have two resources which both are quite stressfull, one is chargeback which is a last attempt which will ban me surely(if I ain’t yet) im gameflip website or make claim to the US Business Bureau claim, gameflip support is very aware that their business has certain amount BBB claims, I don’t know if Nguyen is still the CEO of the company but it irritates me and many others how the support employees are dealing issues like this like a gamble without merits, I say this seller sells some not working or even perhaps fraudulent codes, because if he or she was honest, with all the amount of evidence I have provided, the seller would had give me a working same amount gift card or a refund if he or she could not supply me with a working one. So what now if by 4 hours I have no response by anyone from mods or support, I will have to escalate the anchored purchase from a working code to see if I can get support to give me a answer on the the transaction they when on that same seller favor unreasonably that clearly did not work and steam support confirm its not even a code from them(of any region) and if they decide to close dispute without fixing the main issue I will have to resource to charge back and/or Bussiness Bureau complaint claims, I am a 30yr old independent computer technician, assistant accountant, heart attack survivor from overwork and studies during my 20s that scarred me with prolonging anxiety disorder, married, that loves gaming has a hobby and trying to get games during this economy on the most taxes state/territory of all U.S. is quite hard, and this platform through it has it risk, but always up if any risk come and I was 100% clear that the details from sales did not affect me(like region code for example) I would be safeguarded by ur policies. It is so irritating not just dealing with government, health issues but also private companies that one relies on for the economy part. :< I am always honest on business issue, as a BA bacherlor student with minor on computer programming, trust is something important I always had with all my clients when I order parts, accessories or repair their desktop, laptops, consoles and other parts, through I avoid taking to much clients due to my anxiety disorder, all my clients love my work trust on me, as assistant in accounting to my wife, specially with all stimulus and programs, we help each person and we inform them every details which other accountants avoid to say to not loose business unregardless of the laws on state or federal level and that how we guarantee our trust even some client decide that other accountant are better because they omit some details or lie that could affect client to make a claim that later then the state or federal government would seek him for fraud, we do the right thing and every client we have tax filing never once complained or blame us for something illegal because we where honest and full on all information they needed to know for their tax filings and other claims(for example unemployment, or business credits and loans), and even though they might not use our services after we inform them and not get paid it was the right thing to do and that helps us stay afloat and without worrying getting sue or have bad conscience( since we 2 have conscience)

Anyhow back to main topic look I am nagging about this issue because the 100% fact that undeniably I got scam on a 100% verified non working steam code(US or wte region) $46.69 may something small to some, but for me, every dollar I pay is from my sweat of my jobs and I saved a lot for this week since I am a JRPG and anime games fan, for the purpose to get most, and gameflip policies of safety of money back made me safe if I ever get scammed by a seller by error or not. I am nagging and been like this because I will loose my trust and what I believed, trustworthy resale gift card webpages around, but the way support acts and they response time is especially for something that is extremely very easy to verify (anyone can put on their US Steam wallet account the code and will see the same error(if it was redeemed then it would had to be further investigating which would had explain further investigation time))

Update: escalated issue with anchored $100 steam gift card purchase from seller lyskayshop which only had 1 hour remaining before transaction close, hope this issue is resolved soon with the merit, fairness and justice of it. To be clear like i mention on description on escalation, code from that last transaction did work now I am hoping to force support to reevaluate their previous decision and refund me what I am owned legally ($46.69)

New week no reply from support yet closed last transaction where I was anchoring seller, he refused to talk or deny/admit steam support evidence from last $50 steam sale dispute when on sellers flavor. If there any mod that sees or read this, if any, could someone give me a update of ticket 678508 response? Thanks in advance for any possible help that can be offered here in forum