I've lost more than $1000 on Gameflip !!! I'm tired of this!!!

I purchased a lot of codes from one seller a few days ago, I waited for one hour after claiming the codes to make sure that they were good. However, when I woke up on next day morning, nearly half amount was put on hold. With other sellers, the total amount that I lost on Gameflip is as much as $1000!!!

My code: C59S5X

Order ID:

The total amount of these transactions are $800. I am waiting for the case with another selling $180 code, there has been no replied from admin yet. I am facing one more transaction of $80 with the same seller above and the gift card was used after I place the order. I’m not sure if admin can tell who used the money. I just don’t want to shop on this site anymore.

Transaction ID: e094a95c-1fe4-4bfb-8a7b-bc4b67ed2f11

I totally lost my trust on the site and feel like this is not a safe place for buyers at all!


I am investigating this issue of yours already. We are talking via PM about this, so there is no need to open new topics about this. This slow us down. Please be patient. We will be able to finish this investigation shortly.