January 2$ Flash Promo didn’t work for me.

This is the very first time something like this happens. I didn’t receive the 2$ credits after completing the order

Order ID: 9af08c63-fb5e-4a54-aab1-2905e7eccec5


Solved, Thanks everyone.

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I am having same issue on my Order ID


The promotion still running, but seems buggy.
Any help would be awesome

yeah the quantity wont change.

They sent me the credits after sending them a DM on Twitter which included order id & invite code so try this maybe if you’re having the same issue.

just confirmed. same thing happen to me :sweat_smile:
Order ID: 204701ca-4df4-40a9-96af-6c716e76cc55
Please help @MajorTom @DarkKnight

Same thing here
Order ID: 303d92ae-e632-459d-a79d-6ab12d0b302b
Please help @MajorTom @DarkKnight

Same problem here, ad6be54c-6efb-4ce8-b9d6-de2799131694

Same problem here
Order ID: b2df9d66-42a6-44db-a5a0-bbf43d925a9e

Need help here too
Order ID 3d975bcc-726f-4c8c-a76c-340fe920401c

Same thing here.

Order ID: 8c7c6ef7-0da8-4e94-a6e4-91225754eb6e

Quick question how did you get it to give you your $2 did you have to wait? Since I’m facing the same issue,


I will be checking here and I will talk to the finance team to make the deposit for those who are eligible

@Broilerdude Please state your Order ID as well.

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Order ID: e8fea84a-cb27-4518-9018-9f841883285c

How long will it take? I also wrote on twitter private message, I don’t know if this should be open a ticket so I kinda in a limbo. Thanks for checking on us MajorTom, let us know if it get resolve? And good luck to all with the same issue

My profile code: 2DMLPU
My Purchase Order ID: 7eae75d6-5ebf-42c7-b674-388883d9dccd


My profile code: WF4KRA
My Purchase Order ID: 1205e88b-e717-445e-9afc-f5fda6a5a391

solved, thks


Can you check on order ID 7c0f1b46-da25-46a4-bc34-7af686a9e278. I did not receive my credit.



For now, we are dealing with the cases one by one until it is resolved. Most of you should have already received it, so I’ll pick up the newest cases after my last post.

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