Jurassic World Evolution Steam Key REVOKED 2 days later.

Dear Administrator,

I saw another guy leave the same type of message on here and got results so I am copying what he did except with all the relevant information to my particular case:

On July 3rd I ordered a Steam code for Jurassic Park on your site from a user named Troy. I successfully activated the key and it was added to my Steam library. I was able to play the game and rated the seller “good”. Today I received an account message from Steam notifying me that they have removed the game from my account…

This is the message I received:

Your recent Product code activation has been revoked due to a problem processing payment for this item. The games associated with this product code can no longer be played as a result. This could be due a problem with the payment methods you used to acquire this item from a third-party seller; or a problem with how the third-party seller acquired the Product code. Please contact the seller you acquired the Product code from for assistance.

If you would like to purchase the item, please visit the Steam Store. Otherwise you may choose to delete the local content associated with these games.

However I cannot contact the seller. Therefore I request that I either receive another key that is actually valid from the seller or a full refund for my purchase. This is what I consider being completely and totally RIPPED OFF by this clown.

I have never seen this happen before and have never known any other Steam users have this happen to them before, so this guy must be getting his keys from some extremely shady places.

Jeffrey Wise

My code: CLMJHL
Order ID is: 944a34d0-12fc-40a5-ad40-817e0f680826

Proof of payment/order details: https://prnt.sc/k30j7k
Proof of the revoked key: https://prnt.sc/k30k1b

Seeing as how this site only lets new users post two links in a post I cannot give any more information this at this time.

Be sure to also open a ticket (you can do this from the Gameflip site) as soon as you can and provide all of the information.


I was able to refund you and answer your ticket.



Thank you very much for your quick and satisfying solution to this problem. As an inexperienced user here, It’s good to know Gameflip is looking out for buyers.

I just want to say that I still intend to use the site again in the future, although I will now be a bit more cautious when considering seller reputation and feedback.

I am also glad you decided to remove that seller’s account was suspended as this kind of thing reflects negatively on your site as a whole and I’m sure quite a few new users wouldn’t be able to look past it even after receiving a refund.

Thanks again, and have a good day.

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